It has been a long couple of weeks. Dave, my dear hubby, has been in the hospital. Today he goes under the knife to fix his lung. The Doctors cannot tell us how bad the damage is until they go in with a camera. I pray all he needs is a quick fix. I pray the surgery will be a success and I have my man home soon. I would like to thank my Mother for driving down to help me. Thanks Mom.

Last week I asked my Oncologist for a week off from Cancer! He said “Have a nice day” as he was leaving the examination room ” So, the next best idea was to asked his medical assistant to schedule an MRI test for the following week instead of the week before? All she can do is try and after working her magic the test was on the booked for the exact day I had requested. It worked out nicely and I began to pack my bags. The next thing I know my husband crashes through our front door holding his chest. He had a horrific look on his face and could hardly stand up. I tried to comfort him, but that was not what he needed. Instead, I called an ambulance and when he knew they would be here in minutes he sat down on a chair in our kitchen. I was ready to give him mouth to mouth reessitation, but the good news is the was not having a heart attack. We learned in the ER his lung had collapsed. They took him into a sterile examination room and sliced him open than inserted a tube into the lung. We are hoping the lung will work on it’s own, if it does not begin to work the doctors will be forced to operate … remove the damaged lung.

Please pray for Dave! PEACE

When you are fighting CANCER, results from tests can mean life or death. Recently I was lucky enough to qualify for a PET scan, and the results showed that I had hot spots, active cancer cells sprinkled all over my vertebraes. Active cancer cells are not good. So, my Oncologist ordered a Spinal Biopsy, STAT. I had the biopsy yesterday, so now the dreaded wait for results. I think I may raid the Chocolate Easter Bunnies, and watch a movie. PEACE

I have 12 day’s to get ready for my procedure. As I stated in yesterdays post, the last biopsey I had, my blood pressure dropped which made it neccissary to turn off the anestisia. I have been trying to figure out what I did wrong to make my bloopressure drop during the biopsy? In my google research (am I crazy?) I determined, (I am not a doctor.) The anestisia reacted to the medications I was taking? (possible reason) So, I am still taking the exact medications. What can I do other than follow my Doctors instructons?

I decided to juice vegetables and fruits and drink 8 glasses of water day to try and rid my body of built up toxins due to my daily drug regimine. I trust my Oncologist with my life, but his practice does not think that cancer and diet are corolated other than to keep weight on the patient…meat on the bones. I am not on a crazy weight loss diet. I am adding healthy foods into my system, and I feel good. I am also consuming fiber, lean organic protein and green tea.

I feel like I am being pro-active in my fight against the enemy, over active cancer cells. Even if my detox diet has no effect on the next biopsy, maybe I have found a healtier way to eat.


Sometimes waiting for a test result requires a new test, and a new test result.  Fighting cancer can be a full-time job.  My PET scan showed the cancer had not moved to any large organs, but it did show the disease was causing havoc with my spine a reflection my daily Chemotherapy drug was losing it’s potency.

In order to make an informed medical decision it is necessary for me to have a spinal biopsy.  This type of test makes me nervous, because my experience with a bone biopsey was less than perfect.  My blood pressure dropped and they took my anesthesia away from me.  I woke up, but the  anestegiologist continued the test with me awake and without pain medication.  It was the mot painful experience of my life, and to make matters worse, the test results came in showing they were unable to get the fluid they needed.  The test was a waste of time and money.

We are now back to the drawing board, and to be honest no matter how hard I try to calm my nerves they are still there.  I pray this test will be a success, and the result leading to a drug to keep me alive.  I pray to God, and know nervouse energy is not healthy.  So, I put a smile on my face and keep living each day like my last.  PEACE.



    Today I was luckey enough to have a PET SCAN.  A positron emmission tomogrophy, PET, uses radiation to show activity within the body on a cellular level.  A nucular tracer is put into the body to reveal how tissues and organs are functioning.  Combine the PET SCAN with an MRI and CT scan and it gives the Doctor a multidimensionl look at the workings of the body.

 Several months ago I underwent Radiation to my L-1 vertebrae.  The PET scan will reveal if the radiation treatments worked.  I pray they did.    PEACE