“Gifts of Healing”

I dread going to the mailbox.  My mail consists of medical bills.  So when Dave, my husband, handed me a package my frown turned into a smile.  Inside I found a handwritten card which I sat down to read  later.  I reached my hand in gingerly.  I felt a silky fabric, and the weight of the object felt like jewelry.   Happily surprised when I pulled out a silk satchel and emptied the contents.  A beaded necklace with a silver patina cross, and three beaded bracelet’s, made such a profound difference in my mental well-being.  Theses gifts, with stones of powerful healing energy, dried my tears.  I walked out onto the back deck… sat down and read my letter.  Ahhhhhhh It’s really the simple things that make life great.  I love you Cousin.  Artist:  Carol Judge McDonnell.  CJ teaches Yoga at Navarre Living Yoga in Navarre, FL.  Her jewelry can also be purchased there.


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