Furry Friends

I have worked since I was twelve, and as an adult have enjoyed being apart of the workforce.  Cancer has forced me to take a break .

Apart from being blessed with wonderful friends, they all have jobs.  I have plenty of diversions.  My  blog…books and NETFLIX.  Yet, day’s can drag  when your home all day by yourself.

Luckely, my good friend, Sandy, has a Maltese named Toby.  He is a rascal…all boy.  I am fortunate that when she goes to work, she drops Toby off  at my house.  He is the perfect companion.  He stays by my side.  When I am sick he smuggles up with me.  He stands on . his hind legs, and works for bits of food.  Toby is a great furry friend.  His company makes time stop.  That is until his Mom get’s off of  work. Than, I have his next visit to look forward too, and I go on Amazon.com an order bones.

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