December 5, 2017


I started radiation therapy yesterday. First thing the radiation techs do, is take an ex-ray and mark the places on your body with a sharpie type pen that need radiation. I feel like a work of art. ☮️ peace!

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  1. Mary Judge, I think of you often, actually a lot. I pray that you are doing okay and that you will be healed. I am proud of you for being so out spoken about your cancer. Others can learn from you. God Bless You. XO, your friend, Mary McClellan

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  2. I will be praying for you!



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About maryjudge

I have always lived life to the fullest. I have felt great joy and excruciating pain. I have succeeded and failed many times. Some people called me reckless others courageous. None of the views of others mattered until two years ago when I faced death like a Tuesday evening date. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. My life changed the moment the words "You have cancer" was spoken. Now everything I do I am conscious of. Please join me on my blog Stage 4 Living Life to the fullest with Cancer. Or my blog Ruby Moonbean Fantacy and Science Fiction. PEACE