Test Result

Sometimes waiting for a test result requires a new test, and a new test result.  Fighting cancer can be a full-time job.  My PET scan showed the cancer had not moved to any large organs, but it did show the disease was causing havoc with my spine a reflection my daily Chemotherapy drug was losing it’s potency.

In order to make an informed medical decision it is necessary for me to have a spinal biopsy.  This type of test makes me nervous, because my experience with a bone biopsey was less than perfect.  My blood pressure dropped and they took my anesthesia away from me.  I woke up, but the  anestegiologist continued the test with me awake and without pain medication.  It was the mot painful experience of my life, and to make matters worse, the test results came in showing they were unable to get the fluid they needed.  The test was a waste of time and money.

We are now back to the drawing board, and to be honest no matter how hard I try to calm my nerves they are still there.  I pray this test will be a success, and the result leading to a drug to keep me alive.  I pray to God, and know nervouse energy is not healthy.  So, I put a smile on my face and keep living each day like my last.  PEACE.



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