Life Can Turn Around Quickly

Last week I asked my Oncologist for a week off from Cancer! He said “Have a nice day” as he was leaving the examination room ” So, the next best idea was to asked his medical assistant to schedule an MRI test for the following week instead of the week before? All she can do is try and after working her magic the test was on the booked for the exact day I had requested. It worked out nicely and I began to pack my bags. The next thing I know my husband crashes through our front door holding his chest. He had a horrific look on his face and could hardly stand up. I tried to comfort him, but that was not what he needed. Instead, I called an ambulance and when he knew they would be here in minutes he sat down on a chair in our kitchen. I was ready to give him mouth to mouth reessitation, but the good news is the was not having a heart attack. We learned in the ER his lung had collapsed. They took him into a sterile examination room and sliced him open than inserted a tube into the lung. We are hoping the lung will work on it’s own, if it does not begin to work the doctors will be forced to operate … remove the damaged lung.

Please pray for Dave! PEACE

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