Recently, I wished I could take one week off from Cancer. Having a serious illness is a full time job. I worked it out to rescuduale my cancer treatments and I jumped with joy when It happened. I have always been a dreamer. In fact, I use to dream that all my wishes would come true. Well I have a big wish I would like to put out into the world where dreams come true, and Murphy’s Law is only a placque hung on the wall of an Irish pub. Dave, my husband is in ICU fighting for his life. “Dear God watch over my husband and bless him with your healing energy.” PEACE

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  1. Mary, Praying for you and Dave to heal and get healthy again. You two are my favorite people. God will watch over you. ❤ Mary McClellan



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About maryjudge

I have always lived life to the fullest. I have felt great joy and excruciating pain. I have succeeded and failed many times. Some people called me reckless others courageous. None of the views of others mattered until two years ago when I faced death like a Tuesday evening date. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. My life changed the moment the words "You have cancer" was spoken. Now everything I do I am conscious of. Please join me on my blog Stage 4 Living Life to the fullest with Cancer. Or my blog Ruby Moonbean Fantacy and Science Fiction. PEACE