Kindness is an extension of inner beauty. Even when you feel sick and down in the dumps does not mean you cannot give yourself a little kindness. The definition of Kindness: The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Kindness helps a person heal. Positive thoughts and action comes back to the giver. Following as an effect from cause and action. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is called Karma. I say what you give is what you receive.

When your life is nothing but doctors visits What do you say when asked “How are you?” It is easy to give a dissertation about your medical problems. I use the old “Fine, thank you.” With a smile on my face. I feel better. The last thing I want is pity. Pity helps no one, it only causes the receiver to feel sorry for themselves. How will the body fight demon cancer cells feeling like that?

God is all around us, and inside all of us. God is leading us, talking to us, and listening to us. Only each of us can see the miracles God give us if we are open to listening to God. God is kindness. Trust his love, and give God all your problems. Have faith he will answer your prayers because if you do not ask how can he know.


1) Write down all the personal truths of life. For example, I am an animal lover, love to eat, swim, dance… etcetera. Cancer patients are more than their disease. Carry the list with you, and when you feel blue , or sick and tired. Take the list out and read it. Be kind to yourself.

2) Write down all the lies people have told you about yourself. Mean attributes to make you feel bad about yourself. For example, stupid, a trouble maker, a liar. Give the list to God than burn it or tear the list up or bury the list. Think about how you felt when someone was mean and hurt your feelings, and do the opposite to others. Be kind to others. Gather a strong safety net of friends to help you get through cancer.

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