Not sure what I am going to say? I know I have never wanted a career in politics, nor have I wanted to express my views to other people because I do not want to hurt others feelings. Yet, I feel a sense of disorder, and a lot of I am better than you? Surrounding me, and and with COVID-19 the order in our country is off kilter. People who act like barbarians with no regard if someone gets hurt during peaceful protests. It saddens me. I do not judge. I am sick and the only way I can help is with the two fingers typing this blog.

How can I back up my views without being called lots of mean names. I am going to express my madness, my opinion. Look at how many people, 140. were shot in Chicago Saturday night. How much media coverage DID THEY RECEIVE? Not much? Children, teens innocents. That is the real undermining problems today. The HAVES AND THE HAVE NOT”S. On television the sweetest boy toddler was killed in his home by flying bullets. How sad, and all main stream media could talk about is John Bolten book, and a no brainer Election. Go Trump!. Not the despair running through the families of Chicago. I send love to all the families who lost loved one’s. God Bless.

This country needs reforms. Not a civil war. I see what is happening in America. What has been happening for generations. The police need reform, politicians need to work for the people, and inner cities. Places were poverty and injustice rule their lives need reform. Help the masses or we will lose our freedoms. Watch out who you vote for, they may put barricades around your city streets. Nothing is free, and if someone tells you it is they normally have ulterior motives that involve bending over and taking it in the A__. PEACE

FALLs and Accidents

This has 🐝 a hard week, and a nice week. I have been spending time with my Mom in a small town. The air is clean. But watch my feet. My balance is off and I have fallen twice. My sister was nice enough to bring me home and she rolled up the window on my wrist. What have I learned. Stay awake and slow down. Now I am watching Hallmark Channel with my Mom. We are putting off our battlefield walk for a few days. The best news is I am with my Mom. My body needs rest after last week’s MRI with contrast, lumbar puncture and chemo. No kidding.

Good News/Amen

My last medical appointment for the week… good news. Results from this week’s procedures show that I have NO cancer in my brain. Whoops…then chemo. One body part at a time. I feel better…like I dodged a bullet. Waiting for test results feels like I am holding my breath. Today I can breath.


Fighting cancer means a never ending series of tests. This week’s job is to endure brain testing. Saturday morning I had a brain MRI. Which is not painful, but I had contrast shot into my arm that had unpleasant side effects. The next test. Yesterday I had a lumbar puncture. Than tomorrow I am fortunate to have Chemo, and the results of the tests. It is a busy week. I am fortunate I did not contract. Small cell lung cancer a few years ago. It would have been a quick death sentence

I want to thank big Pharma for making the drugs to keep me alive and my doctor and his staff, the excellent Lumbar puncture Dr. She is amazing, and has a nurse that took care of me. She has a thick southern accent and made me laugh. I know I sound over the moon, but with all the sadness of the last few weeks with a man who was unjustly killed. My problems seem small in comparison. God bless America!



Trying hard to live a normal life. What is normal anyway? Now that COVID-19 has closed America down. Looking back at all the good friends and interesting 😁 life experiences. I have lived. I talk to myself. “It’s ok to have a new normal just make sure you keep making memories.” We will survive this deadly virus. True American are made of strong stock. Change is never easy. Look at this ime in history as a time to heal as individuals, and come togeather as people helping those around you in need. God Bless America, PEACE



Never in my lifetime have I seen Americans Band together as a country in a time of dire circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, the outpouring of support has started at the top of the food chain with the president of the USA. Corporations are deviating from their business models to produce needed supplies like hand sanitizer and face masks. Americans are conforming to the COVID-19 social, travel and medical guidelines given by the government. Who have worked directly with scientists from around the world in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. Millions have died. God bless!


The virus COVID-19 has put me in the high risk group. I have stage 4 cancer, and my immune system is compromised. I am in self isolation, and am sick & alone at home. A lot of people can relate. A world pandemic. Scary. My mother always told me to get busy when I was down. When I feel emotions I do not like. I hear her voice in my head and I get busy, and all is good.

I am sending prayers of health and safety to the world’s inhabitants. No one is left out. There is a rumor that the eating of a bat started the epidemic? There are lots of fables being concocted. I believe people need a reason for why things happen? Bless the scientist who are working overtime to figure out the biology behind the COVID-19 virus. Please god, give big Pharma the humanity, when drugs are invented for this virus, to make them affordable to all humans that need it.

The world is taking a break, and so am I. PEACE