I have not kept up my blog. Excuses…excuses…excuses. I have changed cancer pills, made it through chemo shots in my spine, cyberknife in L 4, PET scan this week . Praying for a summer where I can spend lots of time with my family, especially, my Grandson. Other than that I am determined to finish […]

The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba. Translated by John Stevens SHAMBALA, BOULDER 1997. YOGA 365 Daily Wisdom For Life On and Off The Mat. Susan and Harwood Ruebin. CHRONICAL BOOKS, San Franscico, 1997. Meditation From The Road, The Road Less Traveled. Daily Reflections From The Road Less Traveled, and the Different Drum. M. Scott […]

Life before Cancer made sense. Wake up in the morning, shower, dress, coffee and off to a full day at work. Unless, there was a bump in the road, un-employed and looking for a new job or when a family member was in crisis. Life was an exercise in routine. I would like to pose […]

My disease has possible reached the point, depending on the results of a upcoming spinal tap, where it may be necessary to undergo traditional chemotherapy down my spine.  This type of traditional cancer treatment scares me.  I have no desire to feel sick while killing the cancer cells? I have ordered a book called the […]

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It happens when your terminal illness leaves you home alone , and unable to drive.   Your thoughts become almost like a friend except they do not talk back.  Lost in reflection?   Is it good or bad?  Percentage wise, I reflect on what should I do?  Nothing major.  How can I take my Grandson Hudson to […]