“Morning in Keedysville”

I woke up to the sounds of crickets churping, and the thermomstat showing sixty degrees.   It is a beautiful morning in the mountains of Maryland.
My morning was interrupted, and I cannot shake the bad feeling in the pit of my stomack? Sitting down with my first cup of coffee I turned on Fox news. It seems the madness of North Koreans leader has jeaperdized world peace. Not that the World is at peace! This threat is directed at the USA. North Korean leader is threatening to set off a nuclear bomb, Quam in particular. I am not one to speak openly about my political views. Yet, humanity cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this threat. Has the world forgotten what happened to the peope of Japan? The ATOM bomb takes no prisoners. The world cannot afford another crazy zeolot leader like Adolf Hitler? I pray for a swift solution. Is’nt that what we train teams of warriors for?
The sun has dried the morning dew,as my Mother and I wait for my sister to arrive, we are planning on hitting a few Antique stores. Hoping when we get home the evening news will have good news to report. That the story we heard this morning was a ploy to boost ratings?

Life Goes On!

Last weekend I attended my Father’s celebration of life tribute.  He lived a long and fruitful life.  Everything was perfect. Family and friends gathered outside on a sunny June day.  Catered food; under a canopy of trees, and flowers on the table with pictures and videos of my father’s life.  

Family members spoke up and told antidotes about my Dad.  Tears were shed, grandchildren played hide and seek and I could feel my Fathers presence.  He would have approved  of the picnic.  

As the guests leave town, a piece of my father’s memory goes with them, and life goes on.




Surround Yourself With Those You Adore

I adore my grandson.  His name is Hudson.  Lately, I have had problems walking, sitting and lying down.  My back, since I was diagnosed with bone cancer, attacked and fractured seven vertebrae.  My life as I knew it is now long gone. I need help getting out of bed, standing up from a chair.  So, taking care of Hudson alone is hard.  He is an active 4 year old.  Luckey, he is smart and follows directions.  Our time together makes my day.  I spoil him as much as I can.  Without Hudson, There would be a hole in my heart.  He gives me purpose, and without purpose what do you have?   Nothing.DSCN0012 (2)


My name is Mary, and I have lung and spine cancer. I am lucky, the type of cancer I have is treatable with a special Chemotherapy drug called, Tarceva.  So, after months of pain, my body has been given a reprieve.

I did not come back to life unscathed, the doctors waited to long to diagnose my condition.  They did not expect me to make it out of the hospital.  I lived, but was left  with permanent nerve damage to my right hand, and nerve pain radiating down both my arms and my legs.    I am truly thankful to be alive, and know it could have been a lot worse.

Now what?  This blog is my person journey “life with Cancer?”  What next?