What Now!

I have been busy lately.  Two ambulance rides, a spinal tap, ten day’s in the hospital to name a few events in my life.  “Oh” do not forget, an impacted tooth extracted last Thursday.   My family has been extremely supportive.  I feel thankful my Mom stayed by my side, and my husband took care of everything else in my life.

Home at last.  The hospital bed in my bedroom…missing…a king size bed that operates like my hospital bed…replaced it… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  “What Now.”  The fight against cancer still raging.  Spinal Tap showed active cancer cellS.  Luckily, and hopefully on a new Chemo medication called Tagresso, may slow them down.  God willing.  PEACE




The CANCER or C-Letter


I sat in the doctor’s office with my Mom and Dad. We had finished what was supposed to be a twenty-minute MRI. This one lasted two hours. We knew the news was not good, but when the doctor told me I had “cancer”. All the pain I have been having made sense. The diagnosis felt like a “Scarlet Letter.” Now we could get down to business. I turned to my doctor, “Doc, how are we gonna fight this! This is when my journey began “How do I Live life to the fullest with Terminal Cancer?”