“Morning in Keedysville”

I woke up to the sounds of crickets churping, and the thermomstat showing sixty degrees.   It is a beautiful morning in the mountains of Maryland.
My morning was interrupted, and I cannot shake the bad feeling in the pit of my stomack? Sitting down with my first cup of coffee I turned on Fox news. It seems the madness of North Koreans leader has jeaperdized world peace. Not that the World is at peace! This threat is directed at the USA. North Korean leader is threatening to set off a nuclear bomb, Quam in particular. I am not one to speak openly about my political views. Yet, humanity cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this threat. Has the world forgotten what happened to the peope of Japan? The ATOM bomb takes no prisoners. The world cannot afford another crazy zeolot leader like Adolf Hitler? I pray for a swift solution. Is’nt that what we train teams of warriors for?
The sun has dried the morning dew,as my Mother and I wait for my sister to arrive, we are planning on hitting a few Antique stores. Hoping when we get home the evening news will have good news to report. That the story we heard this morning was a ploy to boost ratings?


    Next weekend is my Fathers memorial service.  When he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer it was 5 five days before Christmas.  My Mother made a hard decision, and decided to forego a traditional funeral, and plan a “Celebration of His Life” later on.

    I have never made a speech at a family gathering.  I had never felt the need.  I am compelled by a daughters love for her father, to stand up in front of family and friends and talk about my Dad.  All I know is that it has to be good.  I never wanted to disappoint my father. Only make him proud of me.

Writing my Father’s eulogy got me thinking about what people will say about me when I die?  What I have learned writing about my “Father” is that now that he is gone he did no wrong in life.  The good outweighs the bad.  Hopefully people will be so kind when I cross over?

I will miss my Dad until the day I meet him at my “Welcome to Heaven Party.”  Then I will find out if the Eulogy made him proud?  God Bless!