I am in the Hopsital, and on the fall list. If I want to MOVE around or STAND UP, I press the nurse call button on my phone. A nurses turn off my security leash and escorts me to where I need to go. Mainly the womens bathroom. I have no privacy nor any freedom. […]

Defination: recuperate is a verb (used without object) To recover from sickness or exhaustion; regain health or strength. A verb (used with object) To restore to health, vigor, etc. dictionary.com

Radiation side effects are different for most people. For me, the last round of 4 cyberKnife and 10 regular zaps of radiation has been difficult to swing back to normal. I am exhausted and when I stand up an acute sense of Vertigo overcomes me. So, I lye in my bed and rest. After a […]

Cyberknife, sounds sci-fy, and lying under the robotic machine I felt like a Transformer was working on me. I needed four cyberknife treatments. I named it The Hand. The arms of the Hand helped pinpoint the cancer cells without zapping areas that did not need radiation for various reasons. I also needed traditional radiation in […]

How does Cancer feel? For me, the pain began as a tender area in the body. Than the pain level increased slowley until and it is impossible to fight with over the counter pain medications. It is up to the patient and their family to oversee medical testing and treatment for the patient. It was […]

I wonder how much pain and suffering a person can go through? I saw firsthand the pain of having a tube stuck in your abdomen. The good news is Dave, my husband is on the mend. I pray he continues to get better, and would like to thank my Mom Judy, and all our wonderful […]