I wonder how much pain and suffering a person can go through? I saw firsthand the pain of having a tube stuck in your abdomen. The good news is Dave, my husband is on the mend. I pray he continues to get better, and would like to thank my Mom Judy, and all our wonderful […]

Recently, I wished I could take one week off from Cancer. Having a serious illness is a full time job. I worked it out to rescuduale my cancer treatments and I jumped with joy when It happened. I have always been a dreamer. In fact, I use to dream that all my wishes would come […]

My dear Husband had a collapsed lung. The surgery lasted two hours. The found three blebs that had burst on his lung. The surgeon cut the blebs than stapled them shut. After, the surgeon scraped his lung which was covered in blebs they sprayed his lung with a pharmacutical grade talc. The surgeon said this […]

It has been a long couple of weeks. Dave, my dear hubby, has been in the hospital. Today he goes under the knife to fix his lung. The Doctors cannot tell us how bad the damage is until they go in with a camera. I pray all he needs is a quick fix. I pray […]

Last week I asked my Oncologist for a week off from Cancer! He said “Have a nice day” as he was leaving the examination room ” So, the next best idea was to asked his medical assistant to schedule an MRI test for the following week instead of the week before? All she can do […]

When you are fighting CANCER, results from tests can mean life or death. Recently I was lucky enough to qualify for a PET scan, and the results showed that I had hot spots, active cancer cells sprinkled all over my vertebraes. Active cancer cells are not good. So, my Oncologist ordered a Spinal Biopsy, STAT. […]

I have 12 day’s to get ready for my procedure. As I stated in yesterdays post, the last biopsey I had, my blood pressure dropped which made it neccissary to turn off the anestisia. I have been trying to figure out what I did wrong to make my bloopressure drop during the biopsy? In my […]